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Our Story

In 2005 I went for my first Indian Takeaway and I still have him.

In 2009 we opened Copper and Spices and in 2013 we got married.

 Coppers & Spice - Our StoryCoppers & Spice - Our Story

Why we use Local and Irish

In Copper and Spices we use only Irish and Local Food and Beers. We have discovered along the way that there is simply nothing better. Ireland has an incredible climate and we have some of the best raw ingredients in the world. We like to support local and get involved with local farmers, and artisan producers. Your Lamb, Chicken and Pork is raised within a few miles from here. We have our own kitchen garden so veg and micro herbs are picked daily. Seafood comes straight from the boat to our local fish shop where we buy fresh every day. Desserts are made in our kitchen or sourced from a Boyne Valley Artisan Producer. 

Coppers & Spice - Why we use local and Irish

Sharing our memories 

We are like a family here in Copper and Spices. If you look around you, you will see different colour curtains on our windows, they were my wedding sarees and the picture you are greeted with when you walk in our door is from our wedding. One of the dishes on our menu is from a lady from Nepal who worked with us over 5 years ago. We use local ingredients, remembering where we are, The Boyne Valley, and serving Indian food, remembering where we come from, India. We like making memories here and we hope you will make some and share your story with us. 

Coppers & Spice - Sharing our memories

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